-Awards winners-

Winning films are following from 76 films.

○ANIMation Grand prize

​「 The Death of fluffy 」

○LIVE-action Grand prize

​「 ZOB 」


○ANIMation 2nd prize

○LIVE-action 2nd prize


○BEST AUDIENce prize

​「 fUto 」

Running Time   06:11
Director  Give me~! Tomotaka
Origin  JAPAN
Running Time   11:00
Director  Takenaka Sadato
Origin  JAPAN
Running Time   02:20
Director  Ezure Aki
Origin  JAPAN
Running Time   15:00
Director  An Youngjin
Origin  Korea
Running Time   04:46
Director  Uchida Akine
Origin  JAPAN
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Global Student Film Awards 2018

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